What to Do to Protect Your RV Against Pests

The caravan vehicle or also referred to as recreational vehicle and shortened as RV is a home you can bring with you wherever you go. And because it is a home on wheels, it means you get to store your clothes to change, water and other beverages to drink and even food. Since riding a caravan vehicle requires several stops until the last destination, it also means that the stops have some sort of creatures that can destroy the vehicle itself. One of these creatures is referred to as pests. When pests invade and create a colony in your RV, it will be very difficult to eradicate them. There are factors that have led to the infestation of pests in your RV, and here are some of the tips taken from http://www.ispraymobile.com.

  • Close the doors of your RV – make sure that the doors are locked well and that it is firmly locked onto its frame. There should be no gaps as this is where the pests are going to enter.
  • Repair the windows that seem to be a leak or that it doesn’t shut properly – when the window get gaps or cracks, it is a good entryway for pests, not to mention easy to populate the RV.
  • Take a look under the vehicle – you should do this by crawling underneath your RV and check out to ensure there are spots or points that provide easy access for various pests, especially with mice. Take a look at the sewer lines, water lines, and the like as well.

  • Ensure that the slides of your RV fits – if your RV got this camper body with slides, make sure you check them out that they fit snugly without any gaps.
  • Check out the AC units – again, look out for cracks and make sure the mount is properly fitted into its space.
  • Install a screen door – some campers get tempted to keep the RV’s door open all day just for the purpose of letting in all the fresh air from outside, but this is only inviting pests in. It will help you by adding a double entrance feat wherein it works as the RV’s barrier against pests and at the same time invites fresh air inside. Make sure the screen door is something that will protect the inside of your RV and also still allow the air in.
  • Get rid of any leftovers or keep them away from where the mice can catch them. Mice love nuts, chips, fried fruits and even pasta that is uncooked. Make sure that you keep food away that can’t get the mice access to it.
  • Make sure you store the food inside the airtight It will be difficult for the pests to get access to the food since they will give up getting it back.

Also, you should be wary of using poison just to get rid of pests. Rather than poison, it is safer to use traps instead. It will help catch and even get rid of some pests in the next morning.